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ABOUT Msenangu sweden

Msenangu Sweden was founded in 2009 by a group of people who wish to make a difference in other peoples lives.


We are working with development projects in Kenya. Health care, education, sports, agriculture, water security and many more.


The name Msenangu meaning my friend was given by a journalist in Kenya and it comes from the language known as Giriama.


Our mission is to help disadvantaged people and develop the communities where they live.

You need water to survive. It is a basic right to life. We provide fresh water to those in need by digging for it in different rural areas and building wells.


Children should be able to be children by having access to playgrounds and different activities such as football. For this to happen they need the right equipment.




Water Health


Access to proper healthcare is important to us.

In Mwabayanyundo, Kenya there is a clinic in need of better equipment, more medicine and to expand to be able to take in more patients.


Education is important for the future of the communities. The schools, such as the ST. Michaels girls secondary, are in need of new school equipment, uniforms, shoes and to have their school fees paid, for those who can't afford it.

To provide people in the communities with farmland and livestock helps them become self-sufficient. They can use their produce and sell it on the market. Msenangu provides this and also the know-how in taking care of the land and how to for example handle cassava as it contains traces of cyanide.

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