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Msenangu Sweden was founded in 2009 by a group of people who wish to make a difference in other peoples lives. Msenangu means my friend in Giriama, a language spoken in Kenya.




“We focus on local people and the communities where they live. They know better than anyone about the problems and what needs to be done. What we do is listen and act accordingly. Working alongside them helps a lot or just handing it over to them and simply providing the means and resources for them to help themselves. The goal is to avoid them becoming dependent and for us to not come there and think we know better.”




'A walk in my shoes: From Syria to Kenya' is an article about humanitarian aid and different issues relating to the two countries. The article was written in the magazine known as Pike & Hurricane, which is a Foreign Affairs Magazine, by Mariah Katz. Posted in their 29th edition on December 6th 2016.




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